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Little Silverlight Overview

Cool Silverlight is a cross browser-platform language (XAML) from Microsoft. It’s a part of hottest technologies included in Framework 3.5. Silverlight is a great initiative from Microsoft giving a great tool for building next generation rich user interactive applications.

There are currently two version in Silverlight, Silverlight 1.x and Silverlight 2. I would suggest that you learn and develop applications in Silverlight 2, as it includes plethora of new features, better style and support for programming.

Some of the features of Silverlight, that I like the most includes:

Cross Browser – Cross Platform
Since everything is encapsulated in a XAP file and all the runtimes are included in the Silverlight plugin, this really makes the Silverlight based applications browser and platform independent.

No Page Round Trips


Though Silverlight is tightly integrated within a browser but it does not works like the way older language based applications used to work. Other than the AJAX based implementation, every request on the web page needs to be furnished from the server, causing a whole page to refresh and giving not so good experience to the user.

 Silverlight 2.0 encapsulates everything in the XAP file (XAP files are packaged file that comprise all the application compiled code, it also includes the code for various other assembly references used in the application), which gets cached on the browser cache. This includes all the compiled code which earlie used to reside on the server. 

Rich Controls
Silverlight 2 includes many rich controls like (Textbox, listbox, check box, radio buttons etc) and controls for layout manager Grid Panel, Canvas and Stack Panel.

Missing Control
One of the important control that is missing in Silverlight 2 is combo box control. But cheers, soon I will be writing the custom control for providing the functionality of combo box control.

Silverlight Architecture
Check out this link on the MSDN to learn more about the Silverlight Architecture and the cool stuff you can do with it J .. enjoy learning

 Silverlight 2 Beta 2
Anyway I was intended to write more about the S2 beta 2 but just thought to give little overview about silverlight2.  Read more about it “here”.

You can download the latest version Silverlight 2 Beta 2 from here.


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