State Management in Silverlight 2

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In the state management was used to be done either in client side which included the cookies, hidden fields, viewstate and query strings object or in server side which included the Application object, session object and other custom way for handling it.
The architecture of Silverlight 2 and its implementation totally differs from the architecture of In Silverlight 2 everything is compiled and packaged into XAP files, which get copied on to the client machine whenever the person access the Silverlight based web site. So there are no server round trips and page request every time, so there are not much need of maintaining the state of the user or application.Anyway there are times when it is required to have some sort of state management mostly in business applications. State management in Silverlight 2 is typically done using the concept of Isolated storage.

Silverlight State Management using Isolated Storage
I have done the POC on State management using the Silverlight Isolated storage. The application uses the XML serialization to send and store data at the virtual place at the client machine.

State Management Demo
It stores some of the information about the User. The “Get Saved State” button retrieves the existing user values from the Isolated Storage area and “Save State” picks the data from all the text boxes and saves it.

Full article with source code is available “here”


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